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Premium TriLayer Acrylic Patch - Red / White / Blue


Make your patch hats an American hit with our new White / Blue / Red TriLayer Acrylic Patches. This new tri-layer acrylic will give you tons of creative options to make your patch hats stand out!

  • Heat Press Settings: 
  • IQ setting: Top 280 Bottom 320 for 45 seconds
  • Single Platen: 300 for 50 seconds
  • Thickness is 1/16" or 1.5mm(could vary ever so slightly)


  • Feel proud to support American-Made Products. Lonestar Adhesive's high-quality, locally manufactured adhesive showcases the best of our country's talent and ingenuity.
  • For best results engrave with little to no air and clean remaining char with LA Awesome(or something similar) and a brush.
  • Note: The Foam and NO-FOAM option relates to the backing material which is sandwiched between the engraving surface and the back surface of the leatherette. 
  • Through thorough testing we have found that the NO-FOAM version of the leatherette is the best option for adhering to beanies and other articles of clothing which may require occasional machine washing.  The leatherette with foam backing is best for use on items which will be hand-washed only.